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844 Area Code – Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who’s Calling?

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844 area code

An 844 area code phone number may seem like it’s out of the ordinary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look up who owns it and see what the phone number is actually used for. In fact, 844 area codes are used frequently by businesses looking to provide toll-free phone numbers to their customers. Before you pick up the phone to call, however, make sure that the 844 area code business you’re dialing isn’t trying to sell you something or scam you out of your hard-earned money.

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Are calls from 844 area code a scam?

In a nutshell, calling 844 area code is not a scam at all! Despite some websites falsely claiming that calls from 844 area code are part of a phone scam or spamming service and others complaining about their telemarketers calling them from 844 area code are simply wrong and misleading you.

The truth is that calls from 844 area code are completely legitimate, legal and not a scam at all. The callers behind these numbers may be marketers for local businesses or even politicians running for office in your state.

Where does the 844 area code come from?

There are a few area codes in the United States that fall into a similar category as 844. In addition to 844, there is also the 567 area code and the 976 area code , both of which cover different areas of the United States from other states than the 844 area code .

The 567 area code covers most of Missouri, southern Illinois, and parts of surrounding states with less coverage than 844. In terms of population, though, it is likely not even close to as utilized as the 844 region because it only covers such a small part of land on its own right.

Are calls from 844 numbers toll free?

If you’re getting a call from an 844 number, chances are it’s not free—but that doesn’t mean you should necessarily hang up. The 844 area code belongs to toll-free numbers in Canada and other select countries; calls from these numbers are generally not free for U.S.-based customers and may cost upwards of $1 per minute for customers in other countries.

If your call is going to cost money, you should get an idea of how much before calling someone back by looking at your cell plan or using a site like Google Voice Search or Skype Central (which can help you find local numbers), which will provide some context as to whether or not you should bother returning calls from certain numbers.

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What Time Zones Does The 844 Area Code Cover?

The 844 area code covers multiple time zones including areas in New York, South Carolina and North Carolina.

What is the difference between 844 and other toll-free numbers?

As of writing there are 7 toll free numbers in United States, 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888. Each allow for toll-free calling and make good toll-free number alternatives for each other. 800 was the original toll free number but it became so popular that additional prefixes were needed. The telecommunications industry asked for more and they were provided. Most of these prefix’s are for the whole of North America however, a few are reserved for specific regions;

  • 800-389 – Bahamas
  • 800-534  – Barbados
  • 800-623 – Bermuda
  • 800-415 – Dominican Republic
  • 800-751 – Dominican Republic
  • 800-907 – Dominican Republic
  • 800-271 – Trinidad
  • 800-855 is for deaf or hearing impaired.

How can I get an 844 number?

If you don’t already have an 844 number and want to get one, there are a few options available. 844 numbers can be purchased from T-Mobile as local or toll-free numbers and come with a set number of minutes per month included in your plan (with additional minutes costing extra). If you don’t need to use that many minutes but want to take advantage of toll-free calling on a particular line you can also purchase an 844 number from Google Voice that is assigned to any phone number for which it is configured in your account.

Toll-Free Area Codes

These area codes include 800, 888 and 877 (which are toll-free) and 866 (which is a toll call). The codes with 800, 888 and 877 prefixes are meant for toll-free calls only. If you have a business that doesn’t take incoming calls or offers free information over a certain phone number in your advertising, you may want to choose one of these area codes to ensure that callers can reach you at no cost.

Check with your local telephone company to see if they offer any special rates for 800 numbers before choosing an area code; it may be cheaper to go with one that isn’t toll-free but has a low per-minute rate instead of paying for each caller who uses an 800 number associated with your business.

What can you tell about a phone call from an 844 area code?

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The 844 area code isn’t assigned to any particular geographic area, so you can’t tell where a call is originating from just by looking at an 844 phone number in your caller ID. But there are still some telltale signs that will help you figure out if an 844 call is worth answering.

If a local number shows up on your caller ID, then you know a telemarketer or robo-caller won’t be wasting your time with information about credit card rates or phony debt relief services. More helpful still are toll-free numbers, which indicate that a business is calling about its products or services — many of which would be difficult for it to promote otherwise.

Why should you opt for an 844 area code number for your business?

While choosing an 844 area code number for your business might not be a necessity for every business, there are many distinct advantages that you can derive from opting for an 844 area code number. For instance, if you opt for an 844 area code number, then you can have a toll-free telephone number from anywhere in USA and Canada . Additionally , with an 844 area code number also comes multiple lines as well as forwarding and IVR options to your main telephone number.

If you opt for a local or normal phone number instead of an 844 area code number then it can be quite challenging to manage multiple numbers with different prefixes (such as local numbers of 310 and 323) across US states or regions like Los Angeles or Chicago

Will 844 toll-free numbers attract new customers?

844 toll-free numbers have a long history in American businesses that goes back well before customers had easy access to information on every business and product they can think of online or anywhere else.

And why wouldn’t it? It’s free to call an 844 number and no one ever has to be on hold listening to annoying music or repetitive recorded messages while they wait for someone to pick up (and you may even get more personal attention by having a real person answer). Is there a downside? Perhaps there is but it may not always be bad news for your business; some people might just hang up without leaving a message at all!


844 area code numbers are very popular for businesses because they give a local feel to out-of-town customers. For example, an out-of-state company with no actual ties to Seattle can set up shop in that city by purchasing an 844 area code phone number with a Seattle area code. The idea is that when customers call into a 844 number in their region, they get put through to someone local.


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