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855 Area Code – Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Who’s Calling?

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855 area code phone numbers have the same location in all areas of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. In addition, 855 area code numbers are not toll-free and are charged at standard long distance rates depending on your calling plan and area of residence.

For example, you may be able to call an 855 number included in your plan or offered by your carrier, but you might be charged per-minute rates higher than those associated with local calls if you exceed your monthly minutes or if you exceed free calling minutes included in promotions.

855 Area Code

The 855 area code was created in 1999 and is part of an overlay for ten-digit dialing in North America that covers most of Canada and some of the Caribbean. The other overlay number we covered above was 321 (Tampa, Florida), which operates similarly to 855 except for international calls instead of local calls; that is, it covers what are known as toll-free numbers in North America — phone numbers ending with 800, 888, or 877. If you hear a phone number followed by these codes on TV or radio ads (and you will), think of it as an opportunity to save money if you need customer service from that company!

Where did the area code 855 come from?

855 is an area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area served by the regular telephone company (e.g., Verizon or AT&T) that has 855 as its area code. This means the 855 area code can be found in various parts of the U.S., Canada and other territories depending on where customers are located. Where did 855 come from? The NANP allocates codes to areas that fall under two different rate centers: 616/947 for landlines, and 850/877 for mobile numbers.

What city is area code 855 located in?

To find out which city area code 855 is located in, you need to call your local phone company and ask if it is a toll-free number. If it isn’t a toll-free number then you will be asked for payment of a long distance call fee and if there is one how many digits are in that area code? Once you have discovered who owns or leases that number, do a search on them online to find out more about them, their location and other contacts they may have worldwide.

What services does area code 855 offer?

Many area codes offer toll-free numbers for local and national businesses to provide customer service, reservations and more. Customer service companies offer toll-free services; area code 855 is no different. However, it does differ from other 855 numbers in that most customers don’t know exactly who is calling them when they see a number with an 855 area code on their phone’s caller ID screen — even if it’s a toll-free number.

The services offered by an 855 area code depend largely on who owns that particular number as well as what callers want to use it for. For example, some restaurants have an 855 number available so customers can make reservations or ask questions about menu items over the phone rather than waiting on hold or searching through endless online FAQ pages.

How do I get my own 855 toll-free number?

855-toll-free numbers are usually not toll-free, or they require an extended service code to get an actual human on the line. I have never found a 855 number that was truly toll free from start to finish, with no extended codes required to talk to a live person.

It is my understanding that businesses who wish to keep their internal phone numbers private can get 855-toll-free numbers for outgoing calls only and use another phone number for incoming calls. I do not know of any services that will allow you simply purchase one 855 number and have it work like any other toll free number out there (e.g., 1-800).

What time zone is 855?

The 855 area code is in a time zone known as Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). It is one of four time zones that use daylight saving time; it does not experience daylight saving time and stays on Eastern Standard Time (EST) all year round. This means that when it is noon in New York City, it is 1 p.m. in New Jersey and 2 p.m. in Philadelphia, while when it is midnight at night here, it will be 1 a.m., or technically daylight savings hour during summertime at 1 a.m.

How do I call a toll-free number?

If you have a toll-free number, callers can call for free. This is a perk for businesses and individuals because it makes it easy to get in touch with them (and eliminates one barrier of entry). However, what do you do if you need to contact someone via toll-free number? Make sure to check whether your recipient has a toll-free number before you dial. If they do, then you’ll be able to reach them for free; otherwise callers will be charged a fee.

Why 855 numbers are calling me?

Phone numbers beginning with 855 area codes can be long distance calls or toll-free numbers depending on where you live. Long distance: These numbers connect to a specific geographic region outside of your local calling area and are sometimes referred to as toll-free numbers, even though they may not actually be free.

For example, a business that sells products online might offer customers help with questions via 855 number rather than loading up their budget for an 800 number that won’t earn them as much money; and some jurisdictions allow governmental agencies to use 855 as another type of phone number because it’s easy to remember and dial without inadvertently reaching pay-per-minute services.

Is area code 855 a VOIP number?

The area code 855 is not a VOIP number because it can be dialed on a traditional phone system and dialing an area code isn’t required to reach a toll-free number. This is great news if you get these calls on your cell phone, but not so great if you have to deal with them at home or work on a standard line.

Be aware that not all areas have 855 numbers; it’s one of those codes that has only been introduced in select markets over time (thus why it was listed here) and is mostly used by companies that offer products across state lines (hence why I’m calling from New York).


In summary, 855 area code is sometimes used as a toll-free number by certain companies to reach their customers quickly and easily. It was created solely for that purpose in 2000 after previously existing 844 area code ran out of numbers.

The phone number has since been added to databases such as Whitepages so you can see who is calling if you get an 855 area code call on your cell phone or landline. It might be worth keeping in mind that even though these are generally legitimate calls, there are some scammers out there who will use it in order to gain access to your personal information or credit card details.


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