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Dreaming of Lions: What Does It Mean?

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Have you ever had the experience of dreaming about lions? Lions can be found on earth, in the sky, or even walking through your home, but what do they mean? Do they symbolize strength and power or could they be a sign of danger or possibly death? Or could it just be that you are associating lions with some type of turmoil or distress in your life right now? The interpretation of this dream depends upon the context of your dream, so let’s look at some ways to decipher what it means when you dream about lions.


What does it mean?

Is it good or bad to dream about lions? The answer, as with many things in life, depends on how you interpret your experience. For example, dreams about being hunted by a lion represent creative forces and independence. If a lion is chasing someone else in your dream, they represent those around you who hold power over you or are trying to control you. And when lions appear as real-life animals? Simply put, don’t approach them (if it’s safe to do so) and definitely don’t interact with them—they’re dangerous predators and your brain is just giving you advance warning. To see what they mean in your dreams, turn to our free guide that covers everything from lion symbolism to prophetic meaning.

Why do I keep dreaming of lions?

Some believe lions represent strength and power. Perhaps you are trying to overcome something or someone, and with their help you might be able to. Alternatively, your lion may symbolize a person that is helping you. When we dream of lions, it’s important to pay attention to context clues and our own feelings in waking life when trying to decode what they could mean. For example, if I’m frightened of my lion dream, it might suggest I have a fear that needs overcoming or some type of intense challenge I need help confronting; whereas if I feel peaceful upon awakening from a dream featuring lions it might indicate that I am receiving positive energy from somewhere. If you keep dreaming about lions, think about what’s going on in your life right now. Are there any current challenges or fears you’re facing?

Why is my lion not attacking me in my dreams?

There are many reasons for a lion not attacking you in your dreams. First, if you were truly dreaming of lions (and not, say, dog-sized bunnies), it’s possible that you’re having a symbolic dream. Perhaps there is some aspect of yourself or your life that is so fierce and powerful that a lion in your dreams represents it? If you fear lions but have never actually been attacked by one in real life, why would your brain be showing them to you in an aggressive manner?

The answers are less simple than they appear to be at first glance and more complex than what can be boiled down into one definitive statement. In short, though, most psychologists believe that humans experience anxiety because our brains interpret something as being out of place or amiss in our environment. When we see a bear walking through our neighborhood we get scared because our brains know that bears don’t normally walk through neighborhoods—they live in forests and woods! That is why we feel anxiety when we see a bear walking on city streets; something isn’t right.

dreams of lions

Why are there several different types of lions in my dreams?

If you are experiencing a dream with lions in it, there are several different possibilities of what that may mean to you. First, dreams of lions can symbolize your own raw strength and masculine or feminine power (depending on whether or not it is a male or female lion in your dream). Additionally, lions are powerful animals that often appear in our dreams as warning signs; if a lion appears in your dream, it may indicate that you need to be cautious about some type of situation. In rare cases, dreams of lions could symbolize an inferiority complex.

For example, if someone doesn’t feel very successful they might dream about being chased by a scary lion. There are three main types of lions found in Africa. These include: African Lion, Asiatic Lion and Cave Lion. The African Lion (Panthera leo) is easily identified because it has black tufts at its ears, a white chest and abdomen and long tawny mane around its neck.

Can I get attacked by a lion in my dream?

If you dream of a lion, it could symbolize strength and courage. Alternatively, your dream may highlight a specific quality you want to exhibit in real life. If you’re actually being attacked by a lion in your dream, it might be telling you that something is about to get very dangerous for you. For example, maybe someone is about to attack or betray you or a relationship is about to fall apart.

However, if you escape a lion attack unharmed in your dream, things are likely going smoothly for you right now. What does it mean when I dream of lions?: If you see lions in your dreams, it can be seen as an omen. You should pay attention to what is happening around you at all times.

Can I drive away from my lion in my dream?

In your dream, you can drive away from your lion in a number of ways. Some common ways that you might get away include having other cars suddenly appear in front of yours to block it; another driver picking you up and driving you away before it can catch up; or, best case scenario, shifting into a car yourself and flying off into the horizon. If not, try these methods for escaping: Jump out of your car if it’s not moving quickly enough and run away on foot—the faster you move, the better.

You may also be able to find an area where there are lots of people around who can help distract or chase off your lion (the zoo would be a good example). If there are no people around, consider looking for something that could distract it like food (but don’t forget about your own hunger). Worst-case scenario is if there’s no one around but you have some kind of weapon with you (like a gun) then shooting at it should scare it off.

Are all lions maneaters or dangerous like in real life?


While most lions are quite peaceful and rarely aggressive towards humans, dreams about lions should be taken seriously. In cultures all over Africa and Asia, people have for centuries interpreted dreams about lions as warnings or omens that something dangerous is on its way. According to traditional interpretation, dreaming of a lion stalking you suggests trouble brewing in your personal life.

Perhaps someone is after your job or your spouse is cheating on you! People in ancient times would regard such dreams as serious threats which needed to be dealt with right away, lest they developed into real-life dangers. The dreaming mind tends to represent its fears in terms like lions so that we are motivated to take action against them when we’re not fully awake.

How can I prevent being killed by a lion in my dream?

Well, first thing’s first—if you dream that you’re being attacked by a lion or any other wild animal, it doesn’t mean that you have an imminent death sentence in your near future. Most people can breathe a sigh of relief because only very unlucky people will dream about animals attacking them. If a person dreams about being chased by an animal, it signifies their fears and emotions and is more likely to be symbolic. A lion can symbolize fear, power, respect and courage; so if you dream about lions in these ways, try to figure out what triggered your emotion before falling asleep. Perhaps you were watching a scary movie? Or perhaps someone was talking to you in a way that made you feel powerless? Or maybe you see yourself as courageous?


So, what does dreaming about lions mean? Considering that lions can symbolize bravery and power, we can say that dreaming about lions is an indication that you’re on your way to making great progress. In most cases, such dreams are associated with success in business or personal life. However, they could also indicate a change in relationships with people close to you.

Perhaps it’s time for a new beginning with someone special – but you need to be brave and take some risks if you want things to work out. You might want to consider taking some bold steps towards achieving your goals—whatever they may be. If anything, dreaming about lions shows us that it’s safe for us to dream big!

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