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What Are Angel Numbers? Everything You Need To Know

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Angel numbers are positive or negative numbers that you may see over and over again throughout your life. They can come through in your thoughts, on signs and billboards, in the numbers of license plates and phone numbers, and just about anywhere else you look.

One of the most common angel number sequences people report seeing is 444, though other common sequences include 1111, 333, 555, and 1212. In some cases, you might even find 4444 or 5555!

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What are angel numbers?

Many people believe that angel numbers are a sign from above. The premise is that they occur when we pay close attention to certain numbers—like license plates or phone numbers, for example—and especially if we’re seeking an answer to a question and then one of these special numbers pops up randomly.

Often times, angel numbers are said to predict things like upcoming events in our lives or special moments. Other times, they simply tell us to pay attention because something meaningful will soon happen.

How to interpret them?

Angel numbers are simple to interpret when you know what to look for. They’re a series of coincidences that come together to send you a message from your angels. Each number has a specific meaning, and by adding them up—or multiplying them—you can figure out what they’re trying to tell you. As always, listen to your intuition and take note of all signs.

The meanings below are general guidelines, but different numerologists may have slightly different interpretations—for example, some people think 8 means loyalty instead of success or business opportunity. Make sure that any psychic advice lines up with your belief system before implementing it into your life.

Is it real or fake?

Unlike many of these other recurring number patterns, angel numbers (1-2-3 or 4, 444 or 111, for example) are not just for one person. Instead, it’s believed that some angels have a specific message for all of us—one which we can learn from and then move on from in order to pave our own way forward.

At their core, angel numbers might simply be your guardian angels reaching out to you as a reminder that you are loved and supported by them (and even by God/the Universe), just like they’ve always been. They may also be gatekeepers between one reality and another.

What do specific angel numbers mean?

The first time I saw an angel number was when a three appeared on my digital clock radio at 3:33 a.m. It freaked me out! Then, I saw it again on my way to work—on a billboard featuring three of everything: phones, cars, computers. And then it happened yet again—I was sitting in traffic at 3:33 p.m., and another car in front of me had its license plate that read 333.

After seeing three angels appear so many times, it got me thinking—is there meaning behind specific numbers? Do they actually mean something? Should we be paying attention to them?

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How do you know your angel number?

The most common way to know your angel number is by rolling dice. Roll two six-sided dice, and if you roll a seven, that’s your number. It’s not as easy as it sounds. If you are uncertain of your angel number at first, there are ways you can narrow down your possible outcomes.

What do you do when you see Angel numbers?

If you’re unsure of what to do when you see Angel numbers, here are some tips. Keep in mind that everyone experiences different types of phenomenon. That said, here are a few steps you can take to learn more about your Angel numbers: Go with your intuition and listen to your body . If you get an intuitive hit and something feels off, don’t ignore it; instead, listen.

Listen for messages and then pay attention to your thoughts and feelings during that time period. It could be as simple as getting a gut feeling or feeling uneasy in response to seeing Angel numbers. Follow up by listening inwardly until you’ve figured out what those messages mean for you.

What makes angel numbers special?

The common theme here is that angel numbers are high-impact, seemingly random, and repeat themselves in many contexts. While they’re often positive, they can also be negative if they appear in a dream or vision. But unlike typical coincidences, which might happen once every blue moon, angel numbers tend to pop up over and over again.

If you see one of these four digits on a store sign or hear it on your phone speaker at just the right moment, it’s usually considered a sign from above that something special is about to happen. And for those who have dedicated their lives to uncovering deeper meanings behind such moments, these four numbers have long represented something greater than chance—they signify guidance from a higher power.

Where can you find angel numbers?

Look to your phone’s clock. Depending on how you set it up, you may see angel numbers in various places, like your home screen’s lock screen or as part of a weather app. For example, you may have arrived at work and saw that your alarm clock read 9:11. This is an example of angel numbers—the numeric representation of guardian angels surrounding us all day long!

111 angel number:

Often a single number will appear repeatedly, such as 111. This is often interpreted as an indicator of guidance, either from angelic or divine sources. In these cases, 111 can be taken to mean that you are being given guidance or assistance in some area of your life.

As with many messages from angels, it’s important to remember that nothing happens by accident; if you see repeated instances of numbers like 111, your angels are trying to give you a message about something significant going on in your life.

000 angel number:


000 is one of those angel numbers that represents some sort of validation. Those who are experiencing these 000 angel number will feel as if they have finally arrived at a destination that feels right, like all their prayers have been answered.

The number is full of positivity and encourages those who see it to focus on themselves and not what others may think. This is a time to be grateful for everything they have in their lives, including health and wellbeing.

333 angel number:

333 is a number of protection, in every way that a number can be protective. On a spiritual level, it tells you that you are never out of touch with your angels or God’s divine love and care. It lets you know that your prayers are always being heard and answered, whether they take an immediate form or manifest later on down the road.

For example, think about how many times someone says something to you like 333; in one day alone I was told 333 dollars from three different people! The message here is that we have angels who love us and protect us always looking after our best interests.


Seeing numbers in a dream or vision doesn’t happen very often, but it can feel very meaningful to those who have experienced it. When you see angel numbers, they could be a sign that angels are nearby and available to help you with something.

If you have ever seen angel numbers, perhaps start looking for meaning within your life that coincides with those numbers. It could be as simple as finding a positive meaning behind them or it could actually mean something entirely different than what is written here. Either way, seeing angel numbers is very common and something that many people who believe in angels experience at some point in their lives.

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