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Why Do People Unfollow Someone On Instagram

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Whether you’re using Instagram as an influencer or simply to have fun, it’s bound to happen at some point—someone will unfollow you. This can feel like a blow to your ego, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad about you or the way you use Instagram. While it can be easy to take it personally, remember that there are other factors at play, and if the person who unfollowed you follows anyone and everyone, chances are they aren’t actually following your page closely enough to notice how often you post or what content you share

Too Many Posts at Once

One thing that can get you unfollowed is posting too much content at once. Users that post several images and videos in a single day can annoy followers and cause them to click away before they even see your entire post.

The ideal number of posts per day is two or three, but that doesn’t mean you can only post three times per week. In fact, it’s better to plan some downtime between posts—no more than two days should pass between new content if you want your followers to stay engaged. If you must share more than three images in a given week, then space them out over multiple weeks.

Inconsistent Posting

Sometimes, users may find that they’re following a bunch of profiles with no followers. This can be frustrating, especially if it seems like your account is deleted and re-created constantly. If you want to avoid having your followers drop off due to inactivity, there are a few things you can do.

 First and foremost, post regularly! People need a good reason to check in to see what you’ve been posting; otherwise, they’ll quickly lose interest or assume that you’ve stopped using social media altogether. Posting consistently allows your account to stay fresh in users’ minds. It also has an added benefit: it makes your profile easier for other users to follow!

Poor Photo and Video Quality

Poor quality photos and videos are a no-no on any social media platform. If your pictures are in focus and of good resolution, then you’re already ahead of most users. But if you find that your content is frequently blurry or out of focus, then make sure to invest in a decent smartphone camera or even a DSLR. Your followers will thank you for it later.

 Good lighting can also go a long way, especially when it comes to videos (hence why YouTube touts its Cinematic Video Stabilization option). Make sure your face isn’t too dark and there’s plenty of background lighting behind you.

Fake and Spam Accounts

Many business owners and brands often report large follower counts to boost their perceived worth, but having a high number of followers doesn’t mean that those accounts are real. If a user was paying for fake followers and then stops paying, they’ll be dropped from that list. As a result, some companies may see an apparent drop in their follower count if they bought and paid for fake followers in the past. This isn’t something you can control, but keep it in mind when evaluating your own account. Or, consider purchasing genuine Instagram Followers from reputable sellers.

Lack of Engagement

The first reason why you’re losing followers is simple: lack of engagement. How engaged is your audience? Are they actively commenting, sharing, and liking your posts? If not, you might want to ask yourself why? Are you boring them? Have they seen one too many of your incessant selfies? Perhaps they just don’t like what you’re doing.

 If that’s true and you’ve tried everything to get engagement but failed, it might be time to accept it’s time for a change. Your audience won’t grow if you don’t engage with them first. Instead of relying on Likes and comments as your main source of engagement, give something else a try. Try asking questions or polling followers for ideas.

Post Off Topic

Once you gain a strong following, you can post content relevant to your industry. Though it’s important to have a focus—for example, if you own a pet-sitting business and want to attract dog owners—you also want to show off who you are and what interests you outside of work. This builds trust between yourself and your followers. You could post about topics like fashion or music; just don’t overdo it! In most cases, one or two posts per week should be sufficient (though some brands do post more frequently). Posting too often is likely to annoy your followers and turn them away.


There are many reasons why people unfollow on Instagram, but one thing is clear: they’re doing it because they have a different agenda. If you want to avoid being unfollowed, make sure your posts are interesting and relevant. If you’re just posting marketing content or asking people to click on links, you should probably reassess. Even worse than just being unfollowed is getting unfollowed for no reason at all. At least if you know why someone isn’t engaging with your posts anymore, there’s hope that something can be done about it.


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